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Our Process
Tailored To You

Your wedding day goes by far too quickly! We believe you should be able to relax on your wedding day, soaking in all of the magical memories while we work to make sure the intimate details of your day are frozen in time, ready for you to look back on years from now...

Why We're The Best

  • 10+ Years of Experience

  • Automatic Full-Day Coverage

  • No Travel Fees

  • Custom Package That Fits Your Wedding Day

  • Flexible Pricing Model

  • Professional Wedding-Day Schedule Consultations

    Unfortunately, weddings have the stereotype of being stressful, feeling rushed, and "being a blur"... We are here to change that.

    Outside of creating stunning wedding films for our couples, we also help our couples relax on their wedding day, being able to soak up those precious moments before they are gone forever.

    We want to help YOU, not only be able to relive your wedding day 20 years from now through your beautiful wedding film but also to enjoy the magic of your day as it is happening. Take a look at the amazing reviews from our previous couples all over each page of our website!

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    Once a couple books us, everything to do with capturing their wedding day is taken care of. There are no hidden fees and no need to trim YOUR wedding day schedule to fit OUR time restrictions. We are here to cater to YOU.

    We are here to ensure that those precious memories, those fleeting moments, the magical atmosphere of your wedding day, is frozen in time.

    Your wedding day will be one of the happiest days of your life. That is why we do everything to cater to you. Our custom Collections come standard with full-day coverage, drone footage, and wedding schedule consultations, to help you plan out your stress-free wedding day.

    Experience your wedding, stress-free and frozen in time for you to look back on forever.
Your custom package - $6500.


"Jacob was the videographer for our wedding in September and let me tell you, he did a fantastic job. Jacob, thank you so much for creating something we will look back on for all the many anniversaries to come!"

Contact Us Today!

"Jacob created the wedding video of our dreams! He was such pleasure to work with. Such great communication throughout the entire process and we are so grateful!"

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