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Hi! My name is Jacob and I can't wait to meet you!  Each love story and each wedding is as unique as the couple getting married.  You have dedicated so much hard work to planning your wedding that when your wedding day comes, you should be able to rest, relax, and enjoy your day.  That is where we come in.  We capture all of the intimate and unforgettable details so that you and your partner will be able to relive the best day of your lives!  There is no stress about being in front of the camera as we simply capture the natural joy and beauty of you being with your favourite person in the world.  Join the countless couples before you that have loved the calm and encouraging presence that JP Wedding Cinema will bring to your wedding day.  With JP Wedding Cinema, your wedding will be stress-free and beautifully captured.

Wedding Day Secrets


Contact us today and get your FREE guide to having a STRESS-FREE Wedding Day!

We have complied a list of the TOP 5 stresses that we commonly see on a wedding day as well as some helpful tips on how to avoid them.

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